RN Programs in Ohio Vary in Size and Scope

In Ohio, the amount of registered nursing jobs available is growing, as well as the possible ways students can become a registered nurse. Ohio has an overwhelming number of schools and nursing programs that are continuously developing as the need for registered nurses, also called RNs, grows. Students who are looking to enter an RN program in Ohio can be unsure of which program is right for them, much less the school they should attend. In order to help future registered nursing students cope, the various RN programs in Ohio can be broken down into three levels of degrees: ADN, BSN, or MSN.

Associate’s Degree in Nursing

The ADN degree is the starting route for prospective RNs. Students who choose this RN program will graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing, which only takes 2 years to complete, and is ultimately less expensive than other programs because of the notably shorter duration. In addition, ADN programs are commonly found in local community colleges or technical schools. After graduation, students must take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, to become a registered nurse in the state of Ohio. Any student who wants to start working as a registered nurse after a short time in school should start with getting an ADN, as those who have taken an RN program in Ohio have a higher rate of career opportunities. In addition, the BSN and MSN can be built on this degree whenever the student decides to return to school and further their skills.

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

The BSN program is an advancement of the ADN; students earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing after a four year program. The BSN program is more expensive due to the longer time frame, but graduates receive higher salaries and more advanced careers than ADN registered nurses. Some RN programs in Ohio offer an accelerated BSN program for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, but they want to become a registered nurse as a second career.

Master’s of Science in Nursing

At the top of possible RN schooling, the MSN allows students with a BSN further their careers to earn a Master’s of Science in Nursing. These RN programs in Ohio are fewer in number than the others listed, but graduates with this degree gain incredible career opportunities. Registered nurses with an MSN degree are common candidates for Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Nurse Practitioner positions. The final tier of RN training takes around 2-3 years to complete, although the hours and scheduling are often flexible to meet the student’s needs. Many of the people working to earn the MSN degree also work as full-time nurses. The admittance standards of many MSN programs are very competitive, although students who graduate with an MSN degree find it to be worth the effort.

Deciding on a College’s RN Program

Out of all the RN programs in Ohio, schools that offer the ADN program are the most common; after all, it is the first step to becoming an RN. Deciding which school is going to meet your needs can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The most important factor in deciding which RN program is right for you lies in the values you want to put into your work. Many schools can provide you with the necessary knowledge to become an RN, but you have to choose a school that will help you develop the emotional and psychological skills needed to provide clients with the best care.

In Columbus alone there are over 80 schools offering RN programs; many of these schools are larger organizations with a minor focus on your RN specific program. Felbry College is a smaller accredited school of nursing, but the care and guidance we provide to our students is of the highest quality and is a central focus of our leadership. Felbry offers RN programs in ADN, LPN-RN, and Practical Nursing.    Whatever program you decide to enter, the faculty will ensure you have the necessary tools to become the best caregiver possible. The building blocks of a registered nurse start with the ADN degree, and Felbry understands the importance of instilling care and compassion into the nurses of tomorrow.



Felbry College offers several of the best RN Programs in Ohio, in addition to providing a supportive and knowledgeable faculty, key tools for success in future jobs, and an understanding of the importance of caring and compassionate nurses.

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A nursing degree provides opportunities to practice in various healthcare settings across the US. Nursing degrees help set up professionals for success. Those who are strong leaders and possess team management skills can advance their personal careers into leadership roles at hospitals and other medical institutions. Learn more about how a college degree in nursing can help build a career.


Nursing Degrees

Various degrees exist depending on the type and certification desired by the potential student. Schools like Felbry provide online and in person opportunities to engage with classroom opportunities to advance learning in many areas of nursing. Consider the following degrees:

  • Certificate and diploma programs in nursing are a great way to prepare for entry-level jobs in nursing. Some of these programs may take a few months to complete while others may require a year of training. Some typical courses may include medical terminology, basics of healthcare, introduction to geriatric care, and pediatric nursing.
  • Associate degree in nursing to become a Registered Nurse (RN) which can take two years. RN-to-BSN programs are a popular way for registered nurses to earn a BA while advancing career opportunities. Practical requirements may be required along with courses in pharmacology, mental health nursing, surgical nursing, or advanced maternal and infant nursing.
  • Bachelor’s degrees in nursing are recommended for registered nurses. A nursing major at the BA level must complete general education credits in science and liberal arts. Internships and clinicals will be required. Working nurses already licensed as RNs may advance careers through pursuit of a BA at an online program. BSN students without an RN license need clinical experience prior to treating patients. Some classes include nursing ethics and the law and being a critical thinker in healthcare settings.
  • Master’s degrees in nursing prepare nurses for very specialized careers with courses like advanced nursing concepts and theories, public healthcare policy, and advanced concepts in public health.


What to Do

Following the achievement of a nursing degree, most graduates seek to obtain employment in hospitals, care facilities, private practices, or other healthcare settings. State laws determine specific tasks associated with registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

  • Registered Nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, private offices and home healthcare companies. The duties vary by state and position but include medical treatments and medications, education of patients and families along with diagnosis of injuries and illness and emotional support.
  • Licensed Practical Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses work in a variety of healthcare facilities. Completion of post-secondary training is required. Typical tasks include monitoring patients, assisting patients with bathing and dressing, changing bandages, recording patient information, and giving emotional support.
  • Certified Nursing Assistants provide support to nurses and doctors who provide basic care to patients in healthcare settings. Work commonly associated with it may include nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and home healthcare services. A CNA may help patients with basic tasks, measure vital signs and serve meals.


Felbry College provides a variety of programs for individuals who want to become nurses. Call us to find out how to get started on the right program for you. We will help guide you through the process and make the best choice to suit your goals.


Felbry College has some great nursing programs to consider for prospective students looking into an advanced nursing education. For students with hopes and dreams of a successful and rewarding career in the field of nursing, explore our website to find out more about the potential programs available at Felbry.


Getting Started

When graduating with an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, a student will receive an Associate Degree in Nursing. The program has two potential tracks:

  • Direct ADN, designed for students with no prior nursing experience or training
  • LPN-RN, designed for students with previous practical nursing training or licensure

A student who completes the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program will be presented to the Board of Nursing. Graduates who get certified by the Ohio Board of Nursing will become eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).


Program Objectives

Any potential student who is interested in the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree (ADN) will be expected to:

  • Adhere to legal and ethical principles and professional standards of practice
  • Use all knowledge to support clinical decision-making and provide a safe environment
  • Promote achievement of client outcomes
  • Provide care that supports safety of patients
  • Assist individuals in making necessary health care decisions including end-of-life directions that provide emotional, spiritual, and practical support
  • Provide effective communication when engaging with the client
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities while caring for multiple clients in a diverse setting

Be advised that minimum admission requirements include being 18 years of age or older, a completed application form, completed entrance test, proof of US residency, completed health care requirements, criminal record check, and character references.


LPN-RN Bridge Program

LPNs and graduates of approved and/or accredited LPN educational programs are eligible to be considered for admission to the ‘bridge’ program. Graduates from Felbry will be granted conditional admission to continue to the LPN-RN program prior to sitting the NCLEX-PN licensure examination.


Practical Nursing Diploma

Practical nurses are an asset to any healthcare team who function as members of a care team in terms of planning, implementing, and evaluating nursing care. Practical nurses engage in many tasks including helping clients to learn appropriate self-care and any signs and symptoms indicative of change along with medications, wound care, and prepping patients for operative procedures. Graduates of the program will:

  • Practice within legal and ethical boundaries
  • Apply knowledge of the sciences to work environment
  • Provide a safe, caring environment for patients
  • Demonstrate abilities to promote, maintain and restore health
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be able to work in a collaborative environment

The minimum requirements for students will include submission of a complete application, character references, background checks, physical examinations and more.


Felbry College is committed to helping students find the best fit program for their goals and needs. Contact us to find out more about our programs and how we can support your educational journey.

The Felbry College-School of Nursing is a place to enjoy community, learn real world skills, and experience a world class education. When deciding to join our program, Felbry commits to providing the best academic and social environments to support student success. Professionals who come from underprivileged, under-served and underrepresented populations will be provided the opportunity to thrive at Felbry.


More Than Education

A nursing degree from Felbry College means more than a piece of paper certifying your professional certification to get hired. From the moment students come into the classroom, staff and instructors are instrumental in teaching hard and soft skills such as clinical and business skills, professional and ethical standards, as well as resume writing and critical thinking, all of which are required in today’s job market. The School of Nursing is built around nurturing student goals and ambitions to be the best nurses in the world. Felbry College is not just a place to learn, it is a community that thrives on connection to community and remains dedicated to professionalism.


Meeting Goals

Some prospective students struggle to find the right place to study and lose hope of ever getting into a professional career. Discouragement in moving towards goals can be common for some people but Felbry College does not let that deter prospective students from coming to study. With a willingness to learn and build accountability to professional standards, any student can find success at Felbry College and in your later nursing career. Students are not just customers, every individual’s contribution is valued and the best educational experience is afforded to everyone equally.



Every individual is made up of many moving parts from physical to spiritual and psychological components. Health needs arise when the body is thrown off course for many different reasons, affecting quality of life, health, and overall wellness. This may, in turn, impact interactions with family, friends, and loved ones. Felbry College places a high value on teaching potential nurses to learn balance in work and life but also how to help patients achieve homeostasis in their lives as well. Helping patients return to a better quality of life is what Felbry College – School of Nursing’s philosophy is all about.


The Felbry Family

Students who graduate from Felbry College find it is more than an institution of higher learning; it’s a culture and way of life. Commitment to student success does not stop when someone leaves Felbry. Felbry Alumni Association provides assistance with transition from student to LPN or RN. Our alumni balance busy work schedules with family commitments and school until graduation. The Felbry College Alumni Association is the perfect way to stay connected with former classmates, instructors, and the wider community. Graduation is not the final hurdle for many graduates as career paths take many different forms and some students benefit from the networking opportunities and resources available to alumni as professional careers thrive and take off. Felbry College is committed to supporting students for the long haul with the Alumni Association, just one of many ways to stay connected to the Felbry family.


Felbry College provides students with resources and tools to be successful in their chosen careers.
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Enrollment into Felbry’s Nursing School Program is a great step for individuals looking to receive a quality education in the field of nursing and propel them toward a rewarding career as a nurse. There are several steps required to enroll in our nursing program. We encourage anyone that has considered a nursing career to browse our website and learn how to get started.  We’re ready for you when you’re ready to begin!



The following are some steps to take when considering enrollment in Felbry’s Nursing School.

  • Schedule a campus visit to speak with an admission representative and tour facility
  • Complete an application form and pay registration fee
  • Schedule an entrance exam if a program requires one
  • A valid driver’s license, proof of US residency, and social security card are required
  • Check admissions criteria for required documents
  • Apply for FAFSA to gain financial aid
  • Schedule a financial interview to determine various payment options available
  • Schedule time to attend orientation session once your offer letter is received



Felbry College School of Nursing awards grants and scholarships to potential students. Outside organizations and agencies which provide grants and scholarships are accepted. Students who attend Felbry and withdraw are expected to repay student loans regardless of success in the program.


The admissions process is, for the most part, pretty straight forward. We encourage all students who are considering Felbry to take time to review enrollment options and make sure all required documents are filled out and submitted for review to ensure the best opportunity for success.


Felbry College is all about student success. We are here to help guide you in the process of discerning whether we are the right school for you including how to enroll in our programs.
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Felbry College School of Nursing is one of the best options for prospective students to select from when looking for the perfect educational experience. One of the best things about choosing Felbry College is that it’s more than a school, it is a community with a family of instructors committed to student success beginning to end and beyond. Learn more about the key benefits of choosing Felbry College for a nursing school education.



Individuals from various cultural backgrounds thrive at Felbry College due to the imparting of skills taught by world class faculty committed to student success. The knowledge needed on the job as well as softer skills such as demonstrating compassion and care for patients is part of the well-rounded experience of a Felbry College education. Every student will have the opportunity to be active in the community and benefits from a student-centered approach, focused on engagement and interaction in and out of the classroom. Felbry College helps nursing students become lifelong learners in the ever changing profession of nursing. Other benefits include:

  • Comprehensive programs that are challenging and build confidence in nursing skills
  • Faculty and administrative staff dedicated to success of every student
  • Provide support for underprivileged, under-served, and underrepresented populations of students
  • Dedicated to helping students who may have lost hope for a career in nursing find a home at Felbry College
  • Smaller class sizes
  • In person and online course offerings
  • World class city in which to study and do clinical experience if so desired

Thrive at Felbry

Students who pursue a nursing degree at Felbry College can request information over the phone or online. Programs are offered in person and online to suit student needs. Some of the following are also reasons why students thrive at Felbry College:

  • Accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools including ACICS program recognized by United States Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Students with a high school diploma or General Education Development Test (GED) are welcome to apply
  • Financial aid in various forms is offered through the Office of Financial Aid and through FAFSA
  • All classes currently offered on campus with small classes for individualized attention
  • Qualified instructors focused on their area of discipline to teach challenging curricula
  • VA benefits accepted


Felbry Family

Joining the Felbry family is not something students or the school take lightly. Every student who comes through Felbry College’s doors is going to have a unique, individualized experience and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Instructors provide lots of opportunity for one-on-one attention and keep an open door policy to discuss coursework and work-life balance issues with a demanding career ahead. Courses are made flexible to maximize opportunities for student growth and accelerator programs are a great way for some students to take on the challenge of fast tracking an education in a short period of time. Felbry College is not just a school, it is a community of students and faculty moving together to create change now and in the future.


Considering joining the Felbry College family?
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To be a nurse is a great personal and professional choice. The nursing field provides many opportunities to be successful while working to help educate, transform, and save lives. The first year of nursing school may be filled with excitement and mixed emotions but it will also set you up for a lifetime of rewarding work and personal satisfaction. With the right attitude and information, any person can get the most out of a first year on through to graduation.


What to Expect in Nursing School

A four-year nursing program may see a student taking classes that also exist in the associate’s degree program, as well as general education and nursing theory classes. Four year programs also offer more advanced training for Registered Nurse credentials and other specializations. Regardless of the degree, whether two or four year, a nursing education will provide ample opportunities to learn in the classroom, work hands-on in labs, and get a feel for the job during clinical rotations. Nursing schools may provide affiliations with hospitals, mental health clinics, and nursing homes as part of residential education. Nursing Programs vary so it pays to find out what the expectations are early on and work to maintain the best outcome possible.


First Year of Nursing School

Learn as much as possible that first year and be prepared! Enjoy the experience but also consider some of the following ways to make the most of it:

  • School will be challenging and time-consuming. Nursing school is not as easy as some people think. There is so much to learn and contend with. Accept the fact that things will be hectic for a time and prioritize accordingly.
  • Not everything will be amazing but some classes and aspects of rotations may be challenging. Try not to get discouraged if a class is not fully enjoyable or if you aren’t an expert on your first try.  You’re here to learn and acquire skills, which means lots of practice.
  • Keep an open mind before and during nursing school. The plan may be to become an emergency room nurse but it is a great idea to know what you want while trying to keep an open mind towards what is most interesting and available.
  • Rotation through different hospitals may come up as a possibility. Take advantage and speak with medical workers in different specialties to learn more about the various areas of work available.
  • Learning time management skills is important early on. Nurses need to have great time management skills to juggle caseloads, orders, treatments, and charting requirements.



Everyone is bound to encounter some problems during the first year of nursing school. What helps is not ignoring the situation. Whether in regards classes or experiencing challenges of coping with what is seen on the job, help is available.  Speak with a trusted adviser or individual. It pays to be honest with oneself and try to determine the problem that exists. Use the situation to speak with instructors and find a way to make adjustments where needed to improve study habits, grades, or other issues which may have risen up.


Nursing is a great career choice. The field provides many opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and to help others in a way that few other fields can. The choice of attending a nursing school is the first step along a lifetime of fulfilling work and care. Take heart and realize that everyone deals with all of the stress in different ways. Stay open to new experiences and believe in yourself. We’re rooting for you!


Felbry College is the right place to be if you are ready to start a nursing school education that makes a difference. Call us to find out how to get started.

An alarming trend is taking shape across America. A shortage of nurses is happening for the first time in decades. Due to an aging population, the rising incidence of chronic disease, and an aging workforce of existing nurses has led to a shortage in qualified nurses in the medical field. While this is some cause for concern among hospital administrators and other industry leaders, it means a great deal of opportunity awaits today’s nursing student.  With a larger job market ready to accept qualified candidates, the prospects for nursing school grads are better than ever!


Expanding Profession

Nearly 3 million nurses exist in the healthcare field with nursing making up one of the fastest growing occupations in the country. In spite of growth, demand is going up exponentially. Millions of vacancies will emerge for nurses between 2017 and 2022. By 2025, the shortfall is expected to be more than twice as large as any nurse shortage experienced since Medicare and Medicaid was introduced in the mid-1960s.


Industry Drivers

There are many reasons why the nursing profession and industry for healthcare professionals is growing rapidly. Some of the reasons include:

  • Looming Baby Boomer crisis of people over age 65 needing medical support
  • Healthcare demand for chronic conditions
  • Aging population and chronic disease are creating a perfect storm
  • Country’s nurses are aging rapidly and retiring

Filling vacancies for retiring nurses is not as simple as training more nurses. Potential qualified nurses are being turned away due to an insufficient number of faculty, clinical sites, and graduate programs amidst budget constraints. Nursing faculty members are also facing retirement which makes it challenging to expand cohorts.


The Right Fit

Students who train to become nurses are looking for many things upon graduation. Among them are a good salary, strong cultural fit, flexible hours, and manageable expectations. Working where a nurse can practice in full scope of licensing is most desirable and each state allows for different things depending on guidelines. Nurse practitioners, for example, are more limited in some states and have more freedom in others. Education in rural areas may be limited to associate’s degrees but should not limit prospects to practice. Other strategies to address the nursing shortage have included:

  • Public-private partnerships and incentives for nurses to become educators
  • Launching a campaign featuring TV commercials, videos, website and brochures to promote benefits of a nursing career
  • Fellowships and loan forgiveness offered to nurses who teach after graduation
  • Federal grants for nursing schools and organizations to advance educational programs, promote diversity, repay loans and train nurses for seniors

A nursing shortage is one of the greatest assets to training in the field. For prospective nursing students who are considering a degree in nursing, the field is ever growing and ever changing. The dynamic nature of nursing will guarantee a place for qualified nursing graduates now and in the future for a long time to come.


Now is the time to consider a nursing degree. Felbry College is focused on excellence in teaching a diverse student body to enter the workforce with the highest level of education possible with support and resources provided throughout the process. Give us a call to find out how to get started.

Nursing school can seem like a long and arduous trek through an intense curriculum, challenging information, and new ways of thinking. The first week will be filled with a mixture of emotions ranging from excitement to fear, anticipation to joy, and of course, stress. As millions of nurses in America can attest, it is not only possible to survive the first week of nursing school, but also to set yourself up to thrive throughout your nursing education. 


Know Your Classmates

Once school begins, your classmates will be the ones you come to rely on for pretty much everything. Whether taking courses in person or online, this group is the cohort that will be present throughout your program. Whatever emotions you experience in the first week, rest assured that your peers are facing the same challenges. At the very least, this helps an individual not to feel so alone. Some classmates may become good friends while others are passing acquaintances. Rely on this support network to get through the stress of school, air any grievances, and connect over studies.


Get Organized

A course syllabus is the student’s best tool to stay organized throughout nursing school. Whether it is a calendar app on your phone or a paper organizer, a good tool for keeping track of your responsibilities is invaluable. Some helpful hints to get organized using the syllabus include:

  • Entering all dates and projects into a calendar system
  • Lay out the semester ahead once your syllabus is released
  • Mentally give space to processing all the deadlines to stay ahead
  • Being organized and prepared will help relieve stress now and in the future


Meet the Teachers

Instructors will be instrumental to your success in nursing school. Become acquainted with each instructor by introducing yourself and letting them know your goals for their course. Instructors want to get to know who is in their classes and always appreciate feedback from students eager to learn. Sharing knowledge and empowering students is part of the teaching process. Establishing a connection with instructors now can help navigate expectations for the course including grading and other issues that may arise later.  These instructors may turn into lifelong colleagues as you progress in your career.


Check Expectations

Even the best student with high grades prior to nursing school can struggle with the shifts in expectations. Most students receive great grades in high school and college but find nursing school to be an entirely different process. Getting straight A’s may not be possible for every student but getting a B is not necessarily a failure. A good nurse is always learning throughout his or her career so take this one step at a time and commit yourself to digesting and understanding the material. Grades are an indicator of your progress. If they need improvement, spend more time on your trouble spots.  Remember, this is about setting you up to help others in your career as a nurse so take it seriously and absorb everything you can.


Get Excited

Lots of emotions will be present when starting school but it helps to remember the journey lasts a lifetime. Get excited, be proud, and get ready to buckle down. Think about all the friendships that will be made and knowledge that will accumulate but don’t forget about all the great things ahead of you. Relationships are a big part of the equation so take time to digest it all and get excited to be a nurse.


Felbry College provides a diverse, student-centered approach to education.

Call us to find out how we can support your dream of becoming a nurse.