Felbry College School of Nursing is one of the best options for prospective students to select from when looking for the perfect educational experience. One of the best things about choosing Felbry College is that it’s more than a school, it is a community with a family of instructors committed to student success beginning to end and beyond. Learn more about the key benefits of choosing Felbry College for a nursing school education.



Individuals from various cultural backgrounds thrive at Felbry College due to the imparting of skills taught by world class faculty committed to student success. The knowledge needed on the job as well as softer skills such as demonstrating compassion and care for patients is part of the well-rounded experience of a Felbry College education. Every student will have the opportunity to be active in the community and benefits from a student-centered approach, focused on engagement and interaction in and out of the classroom. Felbry College helps nursing students become lifelong learners in the ever changing profession of nursing. Other benefits include:

  • Comprehensive programs that are challenging and build confidence in nursing skills
  • Faculty and administrative staff dedicated to success of every student
  • Provide support for underprivileged, under-served, and underrepresented populations of students
  • Dedicated to helping students who may have lost hope for a career in nursing find a home at Felbry College
  • Smaller class sizes
  • In person and online course offerings
  • World class city in which to study and do clinical experience if so desired

Thrive at Felbry

Students who pursue a nursing degree at Felbry College can request information over the phone or online. Programs are offered in person and online to suit student needs. Some of the following are also reasons why students thrive at Felbry College:

  • Accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools including ACICS program recognized by United States Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation
  • Students with a high school diploma or General Education Development Test (GED) are welcome to apply
  • Financial aid in various forms is offered through the Office of Financial Aid and through FAFSA
  • All classes currently offered on campus with small classes for individualized attention
  • Qualified instructors focused on their area of discipline to teach challenging curricula
  • VA benefits accepted


Felbry Family

Joining the Felbry family is not something students or the school take lightly. Every student who comes through Felbry College’s doors is going to have a unique, individualized experience and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Instructors provide lots of opportunity for one-on-one attention and keep an open door policy to discuss coursework and work-life balance issues with a demanding career ahead. Courses are made flexible to maximize opportunities for student growth and accelerator programs are a great way for some students to take on the challenge of fast tracking an education in a short period of time. Felbry College is not just a school, it is a community of students and faculty moving together to create change now and in the future.


Considering joining the Felbry College family?
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