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Additional information on pursuing RN with FCSON
According to The American Nurses Association (ANA), there will be more registered nurse jobs available through 2022 than any other profession in the United States. According to an article in the Nursing Times, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 11 million additional nurses are needed to avoid a further shortage. Employment opportunities for nurses are projected to grow at a faster rate (15%) than all other occupations from 2016 through 2026.
Because of both the current and projected shortage of nurses, FCSON encourages all Practical Nursing and LPN to RN Bridge Nursing graduates to continue your studies into the AAS program with FCSON in hopes of placing additional health care workers in the future. More information can be obtained from: or 614-781-1085.

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The first step to a long and rewarding career in the nursing field starts with an excellent education at a quality nursing school. When applying for nursing school, it helps to focus on preparing yourself to confront the complex material in the coursework and to cultivate a proper mindset that’s ready to take on the challenge of training to be a nurse. It is not enough to just study a little bit and get decent grades. Preparation is mental as well as academic and the preparation should be for your career, not just your coursework.

Essential Elements to Prepare for Nursing School

When planning a nursing career and learning how to prepare for nursing school, it is important to have the following on the to-do list:

Complete Prerequisites

Things will differ based on the program in which you are enrolled but rigid requirements help keep nurses at the top of their skillset when it comes to professional development and training. Double check with a program advisor or admissions counselor to ensure all requirements are fulfilled to get into school and program of your choice.

Take the TEAS Test

The Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) is administered by ATI Nursing Education to assess skills in reading, math, science, English language and usage. Earning a favorable score is essential for getting into nursing school and can prepare your for the course material you will be encountering in nursing school.

Update Immunizations

When a nurse is looking to attend school, admissions counselors will look to make sure all of the following immunizations are up-to-date:

  • Tetanus
  • Rubella
  • Rubeola
  • Mumps
  • Meningitis
  • Pertussi
  • Chickenpox
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B

Helpful Hints for Nursing School Prep

The bare essentials are just the minimum required elements. There are additional things which are nice to have when seeking admission to nursing school.

  • Network with a hospital or clinic and connect to nurses working in the dream job location
  • Shadow a nurse to solidify realities of the job to be sure it is the right fit
  • Become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) which will depend on the requirements of the program
  • Pursue people positions even if healthcare jobs don’t have entry level jobs. Sharpen interpersonal skills and learn to communicate with patients and coworkers

Getting prepared for success takes focus and determination. With the right advice and tips, it is possible to get on the road to the right nursing school that will prepare a person for a job post graduation.


For questions about a career in the nursing field, or to inquire about enrollment in our certified nursing education programs right here in Columbus Ohio, contact Felbry College today!

For ambitious, career-minded caregivers looking to make a lifelong career in nursing, getting into nursing school and acquiring the necessary training for the job is priority #1. A combination of knowledge and practical skills are required to get into nursing school. Along with compassion and persistence, success comes from a multitude of factors. Check the boxes on the following guide for getting into nursing school and get your career started.

Six Steps to Success

The following are six important steps to help get started on the path to nursing school.

Get a High School Diploma

This may seem a no brainer, but it’s important to get a diploma or GED as nursing candidates will only be eligible to apply if they have a high school degree. The first step to higher education is basic education, so lock that in and take it seriously. Volunteering in medical environments can be helpful to gain useful experience prior to graduation.

Research Nursing School Requirements

It is important to ‘shop around’ when looking at potential nursing school programs. Explore options that make the most sense and are a perfect fit for your learning style, location, and busy schedule. The type of program may vary for LPN, CNA, RN, and others. Know the requirements of the program to which you’re applying, coordinating the necessary support and documents as well as educational attainment necessary for acceptance and success.

Apply to Nursing School

Filling out a nursing school application requires adequate time, thoughtful intention, and sincerity. Your first choice school may not accept your application but it is important to pay close attention to guidelines, deadlines, supplemental materials and more to be effective in the long run.

Attend Information Sessions

Most nursing schools will provide an information session for prospective students looking to learn more about the nursing program. The sessions will help you learn more about the steps needed to apply and often provide an opportunity to ask questions prior to jumping into the process.


One basic requirement for enrollment into nursing school is testing essential academic skills (TEAS). TEAS is a standardized exam from Assessment Technologies Institute for anyone interested in attending nursing school. ‘Standardized tests’ were nerve-wracking in elementary school and not much has changed. Do not be afraid of the process. Tackle it head on and stay focused.

Prepare for Entrance Interview

After an application is submitted and reviewed, the necessary tests are taken and a school may show interest. It requires up-to-date vaccinations to be ready and prepared for the interview. The nursing dean or high-level faculty will be doing interviews. Schools want to ensure the best candidates enroll and that the process is thorough enough for them to make confident acceptance decisions. If it’s the right fit, it will all work out. Nursing school careers are beneficial emotionally and financially. With some prep work, a good nursing school can get a person started off on the right foot for a rewarding career.


Take the Next Step

A career is so much more than a financial means of living, it’s the work you were put on Earth to accomplish.  It’s the service you provide to your community and fellow man. If your heart calls you to the nursing profession, speak with one of our admissions counselors about the best nursing program to help you bring good to the world and make a difference.

Learn About the Admissions Process for Columbus Nursing Schools

For many college bound students, sorting through the massive list of Columbus nursing schools is a daunting task. Students have to check qualifications, program details, and overall cost to make sure they are picking the program right for them. However, once a student has decided on the college of their choice, they come to another obstacle: the application process. Although many high schools try to assist their students with the application process, a large amount of students are not guided through applying to your college of choice. Felbry College is a Columbus nursing school that is a popular choice among students and adults pursuing nursing as a new and vibrant career. In order to simplify the application process of most Columbus nursing schools, the Felbry College application can be broken down into simple, manageable elements.

The Felbry College Application Process

Whenever viewing a prospective college, always take note of the Admissions office phone number, along with any counselors or help lines. At Felbry College, students can call the Admissions Office at (614) 781-1085. Like many Columbus nursing schools, Felbry offers a variety of ways for students to submit an application. By calling the number above, students can apply over the phone; they can also apply online or in person at Felbry College. All students must have proof of a high school diploma or GED certificate to be able to apply. Depending on the student’s program of choice, the other admission requirements vary.

Financial Aid for a Columbus Nursing School

Because Felbry College is an accredited Columbus nursing school, students have access to various government financial aid programs, including grants, loans and scholarships. When students apply for admittance, they should also contact the financial aid office to explore possible financing options or scholarship opportunities. If students are familiar with the FAFSA scholarship application, then they can decide to fill out the application before visiting financial aid.

Felbry College’s accreditation also allows the awarding of diplomas in the Practical Nursing program and LPN to RN program. Each program varies in tuition cost, but students can go in to the financial aid office to receive guidance during the application process. Depending on the school, students may find an online catalog of classes on the college’s website. Felbry College provides list of all programs and degrees, as well as tuition, financing, and course information. As always, the admissions office is happy to answer any questions or concerns about the admissions process; students who already completed a PN certificate but want to improve their skill level have the ability to apply and submit all requirements online.

Follow up on Your Application

After an application is submitted, students should receive a confirmation, after which they will be given instructions for the next step in admittance. This is usually the time when students can set up an advising appointment with someone from the college or register for specific classes. Felbry College semester terms begin in January, May, and September. Remember to check your institution’s website to stay up-to-date. While there may be online class opportunities in the future, Felbry College is currently only offering physical classes. With the small and intimate classroom setting, faculty are able to connect and understand the students they are teaching, resulting in a better learning experience for all.  

After getting accepted and registering for classes, all you have to do is wait for the school semester to start. It’s also a good idea to continue to check on your enrollment and financial aid status to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Felbry College, along with other Columbus nursing schools, offers a variety of programs tailored for each individual’s needs. Although the admission process can be scary, you’re taking the next big step towards your future nursing career.


Felbry College is among the best Columbus Nursing Schools, offering a diverse faculty, accelerated programs, and close network of alumni to help you start your career in nursing.

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How to Survive Nursing School in Ohio

Anyone who’s been to nursing school, knows someone who graduated, or has a friend currently going through the experience will be able to tell you that nursing school is not easy, but it is exceptionally rewarding. Nursing school is a stress-filled, caffeine driven, haze of chaos, and while it’s worth every minute, you also need to know how to survive it. There are countless tips and advice from other nursing students on how to survive nursing school, but everyone has to find their own rhythm. However, everyone knows there are a few fundamental survival tricks that remain the same for every nursing school in Ohio.

Push Your Limits Every Day

Students who show their teacher the curiosity and passion they feel towards improving as a nurse will definitely succeed; passion and curiosity are not easily taught, and students who pursue knowledge relentlessly are invaluable in the nursing field. While you may not always feel up to being the best person possible, you should make an effort to show the teacher you care. Sitting at the front of the class, asking questions, participating in discussions, and behaving respectfully are all attitudes that will make you stand out as an excellent student. Instructors see the students interested in learning, and they will take note of who you are. If you can prove to the professor that you are willing and capable, they may think of you the next time a job opportunity rolls around. In addition, the more positive contacts you build, the more outlets for assistance you have. If you’re stuck with a difficult question and need guidance, you will have more options to choose from when it comes to people you trust.

Take Control of Your Education

Remember, you are in charge of your own education; don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back from possible opportunities. On the same subject, there are no wrong questions. If you have a doubt or blank space in your mind, ask the question you need to clarify it. Develop your curiosity by finding out the why. If you can understand the why behind the procedure, you can figure out ways to improve the field and possibly impress your future boss. In addition, concepts can be easier to understand than seemingly unrelated steps. By understanding the deeper meaning behind procedures, you can further your own education and give your brain a rest from the constant memorization. Nurses have to remember, comprehend, and calculate huge amounts of information every day. As you’re dealing with the challenges and struggles of nursing school, train yourself to expect the unexpected; you won’t always be able to control what goes right or wrong in a day. Flexibility is an essential survival skill for training and registered nurses alike.

At the end of the day, your education is in your own hands. You have to be the one to persevere, manage your time, and get enough sleep every night. There is no easy way to survive nursing school. However, if you can show your professors and classmates the dedication, curiosity, and ingenuity you possess, you will be able to create a better base to grow your nursing career. The more friends and allies you make now, the more opportunities you may find later in life.


Felbry College is among the best Columbus Nursing Schools, offering a diverse faculty, accelerated programs, and close network of alumni to help you survive and flourish as you begin your nursing career.

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Felbry College Offers the Best LPN to RN Programs in Ohio

Out of all of the LPN to RN programs in Ohio, Felbry College offers one of the most individualized programs to help students excel at their studies and learn the necessary tools to become registered nurses. By providing an encouraging, caring environment, the faculty at Felbry are able to demonstrate the values that students should implement in their future careers.

All LPN to RN programs in Ohio will teach the student the necessary information; only a few of the programs can provide the moral and psychological support needed to encourage intelligent, considerate registered nurses who can provide the best possible care for future clients and facilities. The LPN to RN program is a bridge for students who currently hold a license as Practical Nurses and want to continue their education to become Registered Nurses. Students of this program will be able to learn the skills they need to take and successfully pass the NCLEX-RN, opening up many new career opportunities.  

The Benefits of Felbry’s LPN to RN Program

Graduates of the Felbry College LPN program are granted conditional admission to continue to the LPN to RN program; because Felbry’s curriculum builds on the existing knowledge, skills, and strengths learned by the LPN students, students of Felbry will already be familiar with the base level of information needed. In order to pass the NCLEX-PN exam, students will have to increase and grow their skills enough to be able to manage the responsibility as a registered nurse. Registered nurses are important members of health teams and facilities who provide the best care for patients, as well as kindly informing the patient of health conditions and issues. Any student wanting to become a registered nurse must learn the valuable skill of emotional guidance and support in stressful times; all of these duties must be managed while also supervising practical nurses, nurses’ aides, and any home care aides on the healthcare team.

Although the responsibilities and requirements for registered nurses are high, Felbry’s LPN to RN program will ensure the students possess the skills to constantly learn and update their skills in the medical field. Felbry College teaches graduates to be able to understand and operate within the lawful, ethical, and professional standards, as well as apply informed decision making skills to professional problems to achieve optimal results. Registered nurses will be required to successfully collaborate, communicate, and cooperate with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals.

The Results of Felbry’s LPN to RN Program

By the end of the LPN to RN program, graduates will have received the necessary skills to succeed as registered nurses. Each student has to decide what values and personal standards they will employ as registered nurses, but Felbry College invests a great deal of effort to ensure their future RNs embody honesty, teamwork, and kindness. The faculty demonstrate perseverance and dedication through example, lending a helping hand to any and all who may need it. Without a doubt, the experience and skills learned at Felbry College will continue to help you throughout life, both within your nursing career and outside it. Out of all the LPN to RN programs in Ohio, a degree earned from Felbry College is absolutely necessary to continue the path to become a registered nurse.


Felbry College offers an informative, valuable LPN to RN program that will leave students with the ability to provide future patients the best care possible.

Contact the Felbry Admissions Office to begin your application!

Earn an Associate Degree in Nursing at Felbry College

When examining the various paths available to become a registered nurse, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the wide range of information. One of the most straightforward and cost-effective paths is to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing. Depending on the institution you choose, the cost will vary as well as the quality and ease of coursework. At Felbry College, students are able to choose between two tracks towards an Associate Degree in Nursing, depending on the specific needs of the student.

The first track Felbry provides is for students with no previous experience or training in nursing. These students usually attend for two years, before graduating and continuing the steps to become a registered nurse. The second track Felbry provides is directed towards LPN-RN students, or students with previous practical nursing training or license. These students may already work in the job field, but they want to progress their job and skill level to continue growing. In both tracks, the student earns an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing and is provided with the necessary skills to become a registered nurse.

The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses

After graduating from Felbry College, students are presented to the Board of Nursing to determine whether or not they can take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, or NCLEX-RN. The NCLEX-RN is the final certification needed to become a registered nurse. Students that pass the NCLEX-RN will be able to start working in health care facilities, providing care for clients and supervising practical nurses, nurse aides, and home care aides. Popular job opportunities for registered nurses include hospitals, nursing homes, or home care agencies.

Learn the Skills Registered Nurses Need

When Felbry College created the Associate Degree in Nursing program, it was intended to provide students and practical nurses with the skills they need to provide excellent healthcare to all patients they encounter. Felbry College maintains the rigor and standards of the program to ensure that every year students are leaving with the best knowledge possible, and the necessary skills to succeed as a registered nurse.

When graduates enter the job field, they will be required to practice within the legal and ethical standards, use logical reasoning and evidence to make supported, safe decisions about clients, and be able to communicate and cooperate with fellow healthcare professionals, clients, and significant support persons. Throughout the Felbry Associate Degree in Nursing program, students will learn how to use and develop these skills, as well as how to manage the emotional stress of becoming a registered nurse. The requirements to study at Felbry College include proof of high school graduation, proof of US residency, a BCI and FBI criminal history check, and at least two character references. Prospective students will also take an entrance test with a predetermined passing score of 60%.



Felbry College is one of the leading schools providing the Associate Degree in Nursing program, and Felbry faculty continue to provide the support, care, and knowledge their students need to succeed as a registered nurse.

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What a Nursing College Like Felbry Can Offer You

There are many paths that students can take in nursing college, leading to a difficult decision when deciding where to attend school. One of the most common signs of a reputable college is accreditation from a state confirmed agency. Nursing colleges that have received accreditation status from a confirmed agency allow the students access to many benefits, including government financial aid and funding, a uniform curriculum resulting in transferable credits, and a reputable training background when applying for future job opportunities.

A Personal Experience

Nursing colleges like Felbry College are some of the best institutions to attend for nursing degrees, as the smaller institutions are able to provide the specific catering and care that students need. Not all nursing colleges are able to provide such a unique, tailored experience. Felbry College offers programs that are relevant to today’s health care professionals, constantly updating the curriculum to keep up with the fast-changing nature of health care.

Accredited Excellence

Felbry College remains an accredited university to ensure the quality and rigor of the programs compared to state, regional, and industry standards. The accreditation process that nursing schools like Felbry must go through is incredibly involved for all participants, but the resulting assurance of standards is worth the effort of the accrediting organization and school faculty. The accreditation process involves a series of self-studies by faculty of the college, as well as evaluation of all the programs offered. Felbry College was also peer reviewed by nursing colleges of similar status and curriculum; throughout the accreditation process, there were many site visits to ensure the quality of Felbry’s programs. After all of the effort and time spent in to accreditation, prospective students can feel confident in the knowledge that Felbry is an excellent nursing college.

Creating Accessible Education

In addition to the certification and accreditation that Felbry College received, students have access to various financial aid from federal and state organizations. Because Felbry College is a state-recognized accredited institution, students can receive scholarships, loans, and grants from the government that those attending non-accredited schools would be without. Whether your school is Felbry College or another accredited nursing college, your chances of receiving financial aid will be much higher.

Education After Felbry

Students who attend Felbry College are able to transfer the credits earned to another nursing college. Felbry’s accreditation status allows its students to transfer credits, as the other schools are able to gauge the course quality and intensity against their own. For students who are continuing their education after Felbry, transferable credits are absolutely necessary. Employers examine the schools from which degrees are earned, and students who gain a degree from an accredited nursing college like Felbry will have a higher value in the job market. While accreditation is not required of colleges, the faculty of Felbry continue to keep accredited status to ensure their students have the best information, opportunity, and experience to succeed in the nursing world. By supplying students with the means to improve safety in health care facilities and employ critical thinking skills to help clients, Felbry College is an excellent choice of nursing college to earn your degree.



Felbry College is among the best Columbus Nursing Schools, offering a diverse faculty, accelerated programs, and close network of alumni to help you start your career in nursing. The faculty at Felbry value their students success and growth above everything else, and they lead with the intention of creating great future nurses who lead with their hearts and minds.

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RN Programs in Ohio Vary in Size and Scope

In Ohio, the amount of registered nursing jobs available is growing, as well as the possible ways students can become a registered nurse. Ohio has an overwhelming number of schools and nursing programs that are continuously developing as the need for registered nurses, also called RNs, grows. Students who are looking to enter an RN program in Ohio can be unsure of which program is right for them, much less the school they should attend. In order to help future registered nursing students cope, the various RN programs in Ohio can be broken down into three levels of degrees: ADN, BSN, or MSN.

Associate’s Degree in Nursing

The ADN degree is the starting route for prospective RNs. Students who choose this RN program will graduate with an Associate Degree in Nursing, which only takes 2 years to complete, and is ultimately less expensive than other programs because of the notably shorter duration. In addition, ADN programs are commonly found in local community colleges or technical schools. After graduation, students must take and pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX, to become a registered nurse in the state of Ohio. Any student who wants to start working as a registered nurse after a short time in school should start with getting an ADN, as those who have taken an RN program in Ohio have a higher rate of career opportunities. In addition, the BSN and MSN can be built on this degree whenever the student decides to return to school and further their skills.

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

The BSN program is an advancement of the ADN; students earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing after a four year program. The BSN program is more expensive due to the longer time frame, but graduates receive higher salaries and more advanced careers than ADN registered nurses. Some RN programs in Ohio offer an accelerated BSN program for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, but they want to become a registered nurse as a second career.

Master’s of Science in Nursing

At the top of possible RN schooling, the MSN allows students with a BSN further their careers to earn a Master’s of Science in Nursing. These RN programs in Ohio are fewer in number than the others listed, but graduates with this degree gain incredible career opportunities. Registered nurses with an MSN degree are common candidates for Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Nurse Midwife, and Nurse Practitioner positions. The final tier of RN training takes around 2-3 years to complete, although the hours and scheduling are often flexible to meet the student’s needs. Many of the people working to earn the MSN degree also work as full-time nurses. The admittance standards of many MSN programs are very competitive, although students who graduate with an MSN degree find it to be worth the effort.

Deciding on a College’s RN Program

Out of all the RN programs in Ohio, schools that offer the ADN program are the most common; after all, it is the first step to becoming an RN. Deciding which school is going to meet your needs can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The most important factor in deciding which RN program is right for you lies in the values you want to put into your work. Many schools can provide you with the necessary knowledge to become an RN, but you have to choose a school that will help you develop the emotional and psychological skills needed to provide clients with the best care.

In Columbus alone there are over 80 schools offering RN programs; many of these schools are larger organizations with a minor focus on your RN specific program. Felbry College is a smaller accredited school of nursing, but the care and guidance we provide to our students is of the highest quality and is a central focus of our leadership. Felbry offers RN programs in ADN, LPN-RN, and Practical Nursing.    Whatever program you decide to enter, the faculty will ensure you have the necessary tools to become the best caregiver possible. The building blocks of a registered nurse start with the ADN degree, and Felbry understands the importance of instilling care and compassion into the nurses of tomorrow.



Felbry College offers several of the best RN Programs in Ohio, in addition to providing a supportive and knowledgeable faculty, key tools for success in future jobs, and an understanding of the importance of caring and compassionate nurses.

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