What a Nursing College Like Felbry Can Offer You

There are many paths that students can take in nursing college, leading to a difficult decision when deciding where to attend school. One of the most common signs of a reputable college is accreditation from a state confirmed agency. Nursing colleges that have received accreditation status from a confirmed agency allow the students access to many benefits, including government financial aid and funding, a uniform curriculum resulting in transferable credits, and a reputable training background when applying for future job opportunities.

A Personal Experience

Nursing colleges like Felbry College are some of the best institutions to attend for nursing degrees, as the smaller institutions are able to provide the specific catering and care that students need. Not all nursing colleges are able to provide such a unique, tailored experience. Felbry College offers programs that are relevant to today’s health care professionals, constantly updating the curriculum to keep up with the fast-changing nature of health care.

Accredited Excellence

Felbry College remains an accredited university to ensure the quality and rigor of the programs compared to state, regional, and industry standards. The accreditation process that nursing schools like Felbry must go through is incredibly involved for all participants, but the resulting assurance of standards is worth the effort of the accrediting organization and school faculty. The accreditation process involves a series of self-studies by faculty of the college, as well as evaluation of all the programs offered. Felbry College was also peer reviewed by nursing colleges of similar status and curriculum; throughout the accreditation process, there were many site visits to ensure the quality of Felbry’s programs. After all of the effort and time spent in to accreditation, prospective students can feel confident in the knowledge that Felbry is an excellent nursing college.

Creating Accessible Education

In addition to the certification and accreditation that Felbry College received, students have access to various financial aid from federal and state organizations. Because Felbry College is a state-recognized accredited institution, students can receive scholarships, loans, and grants from the government that those attending non-accredited schools would be without. Whether your school is Felbry College or another accredited nursing college, your chances of receiving financial aid will be much higher.

Education After Felbry

Students who attend Felbry College are able to transfer the credits earned to another nursing college. Felbry’s accreditation status allows its students to transfer credits, as the other schools are able to gauge the course quality and intensity against their own. For students who are continuing their education after Felbry, transferable credits are absolutely necessary. Employers examine the schools from which degrees are earned, and students who gain a degree from an accredited nursing college like Felbry will have a higher value in the job market. While accreditation is not required of colleges, the faculty of Felbry continue to keep accredited status to ensure their students have the best information, opportunity, and experience to succeed in the nursing world. By supplying students with the means to improve safety in health care facilities and employ critical thinking skills to help clients, Felbry College is an excellent choice of nursing college to earn your degree.



Felbry College is among the best Columbus Nursing Schools, offering a diverse faculty, accelerated programs, and close network of alumni to help you start your career in nursing. The faculty at Felbry value their students success and growth above everything else, and they lead with the intention of creating great future nurses who lead with their hearts and minds.

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The first step to a long and rewarding career in the nursing field starts with an excellent education at a quality nursing school. When applying for nursing school, it helps to focus on preparing yourself to confront the complex material in the coursework and to cultivate a proper mindset that’s ready to take on the challenge of training to be a nurse. It is not enough to just study a little bit and get decent grades. Preparation is mental as well as academic and the preparation should be for your career, not just your coursework.

Essential Elements to Prepare for Nursing School

When planning a nursing career and learning how to prepare for nursing school, it is important to have the following on the to-do list:

Complete Prerequisites

Things will differ based on the program in which you are enrolled but rigid requirements help keep nurses at the top of their skillset when it comes to professional development and training. Double check with a program advisor or admissions counselor to ensure all requirements are fulfilled to get into school and program of your choice.

Take the TEAS Test

The Test of Essential Skills (TEAS) is administered by ATI Nursing Education to assess skills in reading, math, science, English language and usage. Earning a favorable score is essential for getting into nursing school and can prepare your for the course material you will be encountering in nursing school.

Update Immunizations

When a nurse is looking to attend school, admissions counselors will look to make sure all of the following immunizations are up-to-date:

  • Tetanus
  • Rubella
  • Rubeola
  • Mumps
  • Meningitis
  • Pertussi
  • Chickenpox
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis B

Helpful Hints for Nursing School Prep

The bare essentials are just the minimum required elements. There are additional things which are nice to have when seeking admission to nursing school.

  • Network with a hospital or clinic and connect to nurses working in the dream job location
  • Shadow a nurse to solidify realities of the job to be sure it is the right fit
  • Become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) which will depend on the requirements of the program
  • Pursue people positions even if healthcare jobs don’t have entry level jobs. Sharpen interpersonal skills and learn to communicate with patients and coworkers

Getting prepared for success takes focus and determination. With the right advice and tips, it is possible to get on the road to the right nursing school that will prepare a person for a job post graduation.


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