For ambitious, career-minded caregivers looking to make a lifelong career in nursing, getting into nursing school and acquiring the necessary training for the job is priority #1. A combination of knowledge and practical skills are required to get into nursing school. Along with compassion and persistence, success comes from a multitude of factors. Check the boxes on the following guide for getting into nursing school and get your career started.

Six Steps to Success

The following are six important steps to help get started on the path to nursing school.

Get a High School Diploma

This may seem a no brainer, but it’s important to get a diploma or GED as nursing candidates will only be eligible to apply if they have a high school degree. The first step to higher education is basic education, so lock that in and take it seriously. Volunteering in medical environments can be helpful to gain useful experience prior to graduation.

Research Nursing School Requirements

It is important to ‘shop around’ when looking at potential nursing school programs. Explore options that make the most sense and are a perfect fit for your learning style, location, and busy schedule. The type of program may vary for LPN, CNA, RN, and others. Know the requirements of the program to which you’re applying, coordinating the necessary support and documents as well as educational attainment necessary for acceptance and success.

Apply to Nursing School

Filling out a nursing school application requires adequate time, thoughtful intention, and sincerity. Your first choice school may not accept your application but it is important to pay close attention to guidelines, deadlines, supplemental materials and more to be effective in the long run.

Attend Information Sessions

Most nursing schools will provide an information session for prospective students looking to learn more about the nursing program. The sessions will help you learn more about the steps needed to apply and often provide an opportunity to ask questions prior to jumping into the process.


One basic requirement for enrollment into nursing school is testing essential academic skills (TEAS). TEAS is a standardized exam from Assessment Technologies Institute for anyone interested in attending nursing school. ‘Standardized tests’ were nerve-wracking in elementary school and not much has changed. Do not be afraid of the process. Tackle it head on and stay focused.

Prepare for Entrance Interview

After an application is submitted and reviewed, the necessary tests are taken and a school may show interest. It requires up-to-date vaccinations to be ready and prepared for the interview. The nursing dean or high-level faculty will be doing interviews. Schools want to ensure the best candidates enroll and that the process is thorough enough for them to make confident acceptance decisions. If it’s the right fit, it will all work out. Nursing school careers are beneficial emotionally and financially. With some prep work, a good nursing school can get a person started off on the right foot for a rewarding career.


Take the Next Step

A career is so much more than a financial means of living, it’s the work you were put on Earth to accomplish.  It’s the service you provide to your community and fellow man. If your heart calls you to the nursing profession, speak with one of our admissions counselors about the best nursing program to help you bring good to the world and make a difference.