Getting into a nursing program can be challenging and daunting. Landing a job post graduation can be even more challenging depending on the choice of specialty. When a person loves nursing and is passionate and dedicated to the job search, it is possible to land that dream job. The following tips can help encourage new grads on how to land that dream nursing job.


Attitude is Everything

Even if a new grad knows what to do and is open to many positions, the focus should be on humility rather than pride. New nurses have a responsibility to remember all that he or she learned in school and practicals to translate that into real world experience. Confidence and humility are the keys to landing that dream nursing job.


Get Marketing

A new nurse who sells him or herself well is more likely to land that dream post. It helps to let upper management in clinical rounds know personal goals to figure out how to turn those dreams into reality. A solid approach to personal brand marketing helps to show employers what you’re bringing to the table. Be willing to learn, grow and be a team player which goes a long way for referrals and possible open doors to employment.



The hardest part can be marketing oneself and networking properly. Asking around can be helpful when seeking that job after graduation. Speak with nurses, classmates and faculty about contacts. Reach out via email and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be interested and engaged as well as open minded.


First Impressions Count

Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes but a good resume is built on experience and interpersonal connections. Honesty goes a long way as well as including everything required by an employer. Pay attention and focus on making that great first impression on paper. Ask people to review the resume, critique it and offer positive feedback.  The first impression only happens once, so make it count.


Study Up

Learn how to respond to certain scenarios in an interview for your dream nursing job. Make a plan, practice and get to feeling comfortable. Prepare for how to respond when asked certain questions and focus on three or four key points to convey. Let go of comparison to others to focus on personal strengths. Being authentic means more than trying too hard to make an impression. There is so much more to pursuing a dream job than just the above tips but this should be a great primer to help get started on the right foot.

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