Finding the right nursing job out of college can be one of the first big challenges facing graduates. A little work goes a long way towards securing that desired position. It takes putting some effort into the job search to make things go smoothly and quickly. Learn some helpful tips to get started on the job hunt here in Columbus and elsewhere in the USA.


Reality Matters

It may take some sacrifices up front, but sometimes the reality of the job market does not allow for the dream job or location right away. While using loans or working part time in school both help build the course for graduation, getting out into the real world is a much different story. Come to terms with what is realistic, apply for jobs where they exist, and start somewhere before looking for that dream location.  We all have to build up our resumes and work experience to get to that position we’ve been eyeing for so long.  Stay focused and do the work, you’ll get there!


Be Flexible

Specific goals are the best way to get organized for the job search. Some helpful tips for staying flexible but goal-oriented include:

  • Know what population feels good to work with
  • Think about the kind of role that will be most rewarding
  • Pick some specific areas and start by applying there


Use Clinicals

Clinicals, for those who get them, are a great opportunity to seek out the nurse manager or other person in charge and introduce yourself. Tell them about how your nursing school experience is shaping a future in medicine for you. Nurse managers typically love to hear from students in clinicals. Show genuine interest and have a great personality that shines while producing quality work with an open attitude. This will show positively if and when a student chooses to apply for work at that location.


School Credentials Don’t Matter (Much)

Hiring managers do not pay as much attention to GPAs or school extracurriculars as one might think. A few of the traits managers may be looking for include:

  • Great personality
  • Professional attitude
  • Integration into the team
  • Honesty about strengths and weaknesses
  • Accountability for actions
  • Strong desire to learn and be teachable


Write Cover Letters

First impressions matter. Put in good effort and don’t be too generic. People can read between the lines so be genuine. Create a resume that stands out but is still professional. Go to networking events and use nursing school contacts to help score connections. Getting a degree in nursing or any profession is not a guarantee of employment. Potential employers look for people who apply and follow up, then demonstrate their ability to back it up with action. Be willing to work hard and the jobs will come.


Felbry College helps prepare graduates for the job market by providing support and resources for the search. We are there every step of the way. Call us to find out how we can help you get started on an education that will take you places.