Use Our Career Placement Services for Columbus Nursing Jobs

Use Our Career Placement Services for Columbus Nursing Jobs

Throughout college, many students become concerned about what happens after they graduate. Will the industry still have enough jobs? Will their qualifications be enough? Will their income be able to support their lifestyle? Current nursing students are not immune to this worry, but luckily, the future of nursing jobs is probably secure. In the state of Ohio, the amount of available nursing jobs is on the rise, and has been for many years. Nursing school graduates of Ohio are not in danger when it comes to limited jobs; instead, current students are often unsure of what kind of job they should apply for and the qualifications needed for certain positions. The Felbry College Career and Placement Services is an excellent tool for students and graduates to explore their nursing career opportunities.

Find the Right Career Path

Felbry College has many paths for prospective nurses to take, resulting in a wide variety of questions and opportunities. The Career and Placement Services are equipped to help each individual student find the path they need to take to succeed; counselors can help students recognize the goals and values they want to bring to their job, narrowing the field to a position best suited for the student. By examining a student’s past accomplishments and goals, Felbry’s counselor can help each student make a career decision that they will be able to grow into.

Learn Skills for Applications, Jobs, and Future Careers

In addition to career advice, Felbry College Career and Placement Services provide the necessary skills students will need to apply for Columbus nursing jobs. The faculty provides guidance to help students with resume prep and interview skills, increasing the likelihood of the student’s success. Columbus nursing jobs are not disappearing, but the level of skill and professionalism needed to become a hired nurse is raising. Felbry’s faculty works constantly to create the environment students need to provide excellent healthcare in future nursing jobs. Before and after graduating, students are welcome to approach the Career and Placement Services to acquire success tips for their future Columbus nursing jobs. Felbry students are guided to focus on their long term careers as well as their immediate jobs. The path to becoming a successful nurse isn’t easy, and learning to ask for help when it’s needed is an important lesson.



The Felbry College Career and Placement Services are open to all current and former students of Felbry College. Those who are interested in receiving assistance should contact Abbey Allert at Felbry College.

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