Disability Services

Felbry College School of Nursing makes every possible reasonable accommodation for applicants and students with disabilities who wish to study at the college. The campus is located on one level and access into the building as well as access to and use of all areas inside, meet applicable requirements of the American With Disabilities Act to accommodate persons with physical disabilities.

The nursing profession demands a degree of physical strength and dexterity to care for patients and the comprehensive curriculum requires the intellectual capability to master the knowledge and skills nurses must possess. For these reasons, Felbry College must make initial determinations, based on required medical exams as a condition of admission, as to whether an applicant has the requisite physical and mental capacity to benefit from the training provided and become nurses.

For those applicants whose physical and intellectual disabilities do not hinder the likelihood that, with appropriate services and assistance, they can successfully complete the chosen academic program, Felbry College provides the necessary support. This includes arranging or rearranging classroom furniture and laboratory set-ups to the extent possible without adversely affecting the instructional process.

Different instructional methodologies, as suggested by education specialists, will be employed for students with documented proof of intellectual disability who may learn in different ways.  Individual tutoring sessions are provided for these students and all Felbry College students who need or request it.  It is important to understand that the College may not be obliged to provide accommodation unless and until requested by the student.