Parking Rules & Regulations

  1. Felbry college is not responsible for any damage or accidents that may occur on Campus Property or in areas surrounding the campus.
  2. The Maximum Speed Limit on any campus roadway is ten (10) miles per hour.
  3. Vehicles must stop and yield to pedestrians.
  4. A vehicle will be considered unidentifiable if it has no license plate, a visible VIN number, or has not been registered with the Building Department. Any vehicle that is unidentifiable may be towed at owner’s expense.
  5. Vehicles in violation of College policy may be ticketed or towed. This includes employees, students, and any unregistered vehicles.
  6. Any Motorcycles, motor scooters, bikes, motorized bicycles, and mopeds must comply with all parking and traffic regulations.
  7. No motorized cycles may be stored inside the campus.
  8. Responsibility for violations lies with the owner of the vehicle and shall be responsible for all tickets identified to the vehicle. When applicable, if the owner is not a member of the College, Felbry Security assumes the student or faculty/staff member is the operator of the vehicle on campus. If a parking permit is displayed, or the vehicle is registered for an e-permit, then the owner of the parking permit/e-permit shall be responsible for that ticket or tow fees.
  9. Students are required to park in student designated areas. Vehicles may also park alongside Deewood Drive and Ohio Dental Clinic (6075 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43231).
  10. Students or employees may also be parked on the campus in the West Parking Section (Fenced Area) from 7:30AM until 11:00PM, Monday through Friday. The East Parking Section which is the Non-fenced Area is designated for employees. Students may park their cars in these areas after 7:00 PM. Any student who parks on the main East Section (Non-fenced area) of the Campus Parking Lot before 7:00 PM will be subject to an immediate Fine or Tow at the owner’s expense. After 7:00 PM student may park in East Parking Section NON-MARKED areas. Marked areas such as Handicap, Reserved, & Visitor are only available for use by Authorized Vehicles only.
    • East Parking Lot is defined as the section of the parking lot outside of the Fence.
    • West Parking Lot is defined as the parking within the fence.
  11. Service Spaces (HANDICAP, RESERVE, AND VISITOR) are reserved for the use of authorized vehicles. All other vehicles are prohibited from using these spaces. Vehicles found to be parking in these areas may be towed at the direction of the Building Department at the owner’s expense.
    • Special exceptions for students involved in student activities, loading and unloading of the vehicle, physically handicapped or those requiring temporary exceptions after illness or injury, or where a vehicle is disabled, must be obtained, in advance, from the Building Department.
  12. Abandoned motor vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense in compliance with Ohio Motor General Law. The towing and subsequent storage and/or disposal cost are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Vehicles may be towed at the direction of the Security Department or his/her designee. Felbry College accepts no liability for any vehicle abandoned on College property and vehicles that do not display valid registration plates and/or a College parking decal may be considered abandoned.
  13. Building/Parking Management must be notified of all disabled motor vehicles. Failure to do so within one (1) hour of the vehicle being disabled will result in enforcement of all appropriate penalties. If a vehicle is interfering with the safe flow of traffic, it will be towed at the expense of the vehicle owner. If the vehicle is merely parked in a designated area for which it is not permitted a temporary exemption may be granted to the owner to arrange removal or repair.
  14. The registered permit holder is responsible for all traffic citations received on the vehicle, regardless of whether they are in immediate control of the car.
  15. Student vehicles with more than two parking violations will be placed on the tow list and may have their vehicle towed. The impound fees are determined by the Tow Company

Vehicle Registration

As a Felbry Staff, Faculty, or member of the Student body, you are required to register your vehicle in order to gain access to the gated parking area of the parking space. Vehicles parked in the Faculty, Staff, and Student section prior to registration are subject citations and towing.




  • By submitting this form, I agree to read and abide by the Felbry College School of Nursing's parking rules and regulations. I understand failure to observe such regulations may result in parking citations. I understand that the Felbry College School of Nursing shall not be liable for loss or damage to said vehicle or its contents.